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DBS Employer Registration

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Getting Started

We offer a range of Pre Employment Screening checks to ensure the checks we perform are thorough and relevant to your industry sector. Upon registration each Organisation/Employer will be added to our unique platform to ensure all completed successful DBS certificates will be sent to the employees address.

How it works

  • Complete form below
  • Sign up for free (Was £24 - limited time deal), added to our exclusive DBS platform
  • Complete each employee DBS check from £78 per employee
  • Verify ID
  • Receive DBS certificate
  • Basic DBS check
  • Standard DBS check
  • Enhanced DBS check

Important Notice:

  • If you are self-employed, as DBS Guidance states, you will not be able to obtain a DBS Check on yourself - however if you are self-employed and you require a DBS Check, an organisation/business you conduct business with will need to apply on your behalf.
  • If your application is regarding a personal arrangement (e.g. Child care) a responsible organisation will need to apply on your behalf.

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