Safer Recruitment

Safer Recruitment

What is Safer Recruitment?

Safer recruitment is vital to creating a safe and positive environment and committing to keeping the workplace safe.

Safer recruitment should be a continuing process of improvement for every school, club, business, or organisation, especially with businesses that work with vulnerable people such as care homes and nurseries.


Planning the recruitment process

It is important to plan your recruitment process in advance and have a consistent approach every time you recruit a new staff member or volunteer.

The advantages of having a planned and structured approach are that this will help minimise the risks of appointing someone unsuitable and ensure you select the right person for the role. By planning the process, you will ensure that the process is safe and that there are records of the process for future reference.


Advertising the role

To promote safeguarding when doing an advert for a role, it is necessary to include what your company is doing to ensure a safer approach.

If the role requires working with vulnerable groups of people, then an Enhanced DBS Check is needed, you can include this in the advert that whoever will be hired will be DBS Checked. 


Safer recruitment training

If you are responsible for making sure you’re recruiting the right people to work you need to make sure that you and other recruiters in your company are trained for safer recruitment. We recommend doing a course on safe recruitment that can prepare you for the following things:

- Prepare to recruit

- Shortlisting for interview

- Vetting and DBS Checks

- Dealing with concerns identified through vetting and DBS Checks and assessing risk.


Safer recruitment checklist:

- Verifying references

- Background checks

- Right-to-work checks

- Overseas checks

- Pre-employment checks for schools and colleges

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