Why doing a DBS Check Online is important?

Why doing a DBS Check Online is important?

Many years ago, completing a Basic DBS Check yourself has been a bit of a chore. It involved multiple trips to the Post Office and deciphering a form that can be complicated at the best of times. While you can still choose to process your Basic DBS Check this way, we’re strong advocates for making life easier for yourself.

We might be slightly biased but as far as the evidence goes it’s easier to get a Basic DBS Check online. In this article, we will explain the importance of a basic DBS Check and why doing it online it is better.


When you submit a DBS Check application online, tracking becomes as easy as copy and pasting your reference number from an email into our tracking system, which you can find here. In our experience though, most applicants don’t even get a chance to track their DBS Check as it is completed much faster than they expected.



Processing a Basic DBS Check by post can often mean you’re unaware of any errors you’ve made until the Disclosure and Barring services have withdrawn your application. The digital application form can provide you with assistance explaining exactly how you need to enter specific information. In many instances, the system will not let you continue to the next part of the application if you have missed any information.  

You also don’t need to worry about whether you’re using the right colour pen, remembering to use BLOCK CAPITALS or any other peculiarities found on paper application forms. You can concentrate on getting the information on the form.  



When you process a DBS Check application form online everything is done more quickly, as we process applications directly to the Disclosure and Barring Services within 24 hours. Considering the time taken and potential risks of sending something by post makes the process infinitely quicker. Most Basic DBS Checks submitted online are back within 24 hours, with around 95% completed within a week. 



The DBS are committed to reducing waste across all their services and contributing towards a greener society for everyone. Choosing to do your DBS application form online might seem like a small act but when you consider factors other than paper, such as the fuel used by the postal service, it can help make all the difference.  


When you complete a paper DBS application there is very little available to you in terms of advice and support. Choosing to do a Basic DBS Check with DBS Check Online means you have access to dedicated support via email and phone in case of problems. Our account managers are not only background screening experts, but they also deliver incredible customer service.  

Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot from over 3000 reviews, we pride ourselves on giving you the guidance and expert advice that our customers have become used to over the years. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. We don’t offer impossible services. Our mission is to make getting a DBS Check for yourself as easy as possible.  

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